National Geographic Compiles of 2017


As the year comes to an end, National Geographic has compiled a list of its best images of 2017. From nearly , they’ve come up with 57 of their very best, curated from 88 photographers and 112 stories.

Here are 17 of favorites…

« Baja California’s Recipe for Saving Fishing Communities, » September 2017. © Thomas P. Peschak, National Geographic
“Where the World’s Only Grass-Eating Monkeys Thrive,” in April 2017 © Jeffrey Kerby and Trevor Beck Frost, National Geographic
« Without a Home, and Without Hope, » August 2017. © William Daniels, National Geographic
« Inside the Hidden World of Jaguars, » December 2017. © Steve Winter, National Geographic
« The Last Death-Defying Honey Hunter of Nepal, » July 2017. © Renan Ozturk, National Geographic
« The Many Ways Society Makes a Man, » January 2017. © Pete Muller, National Geographic
« Deepest Dive Ever Under Antarctica Reveals a Shockingly Vibrant World, » July 2017. © Laurent Ballesta, National Geographic
« How Fireflies Are Keeping This Tiny Mexican Town Alive, » August 2017. © Kirsten Luce, National Geographic
« How the U.S. Triggered a Massacre in Mexico, » July 2017. © Kirsten Luce, National Geographic
« They Migrate 800 Miles a Year. Now It’s Getting Tougher., » October 2017. © Evgenia Arbugaeva, National Geographic
« Korea’s Heavily Armed Border Is Packed With Tourists, » November 2017. © David Guttenfelder
« Inside the Hidden Dangers of Life Without Toilets, » October 2017. © Andrea Bruce, National Geographic
« Why It’s Important to Save Our Seas’ Pristine Places, » February 2017. © Brian Skerry, National Geographic
»How Africa’s Tech Generation Is Changing the Continent, » Decemer 2017. © Ciril Jazbec, National Geographic
« Unlocking the Secrets Behind the Hummingbird’s Frenzy, » July 2017. © Anand Varma, National Geographic

You can head over to their site to see the full list


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