Imagine Different 20 Actors Had Starred in Cult Movies


20 actors who almost had roles in our favorite films but life decided otherwise…

After Matthew McConaughey read the Titanic script, he said that he couldn’t act in such a boring film and that the movie was destined to fail. Today, Titanic is a classic film and McConaughey has probably regretted his decision at least several times. Many actors feel for Matthew since they’ve also refused to star in films that could have made them more popular and famous.

Uniq Beauties has decided to imagine what would’ve happened if different actors (who almost signed contracts) had starred in some of our favorite cult movies.

19. Macaulay Culkin as Jack (Titanic)

It’s hard to imagine Macaulay’s career if he had played Jack in Titanic. Film producers were ready to offer the actor the role of the main hero, but James Cameron was against it: He only wanted Leonardo DiCaprio to star in the film.

By the way, Christian Bale, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Matthew McConaughey were also up for the role of Jack.


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